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Antigone in Ferguson

Helping The Community

In 2016, Bryan Doerries asked Phil Woodmore to create 45 minutes of original music for a version of Antigone which he called, Antigone in Ferguson. Following the premiere of Antigone in Ferguson at Normandy High School in St. Louis, MO in September 2016, Doerries asked Woodmore to take a stab at creating another 45 minutes of original music for Dr. Martin Luther King's final sermon, The Drum Major Instinct which premiered at the BRIC in Brooklyn April 2017 and finally in March 2018. Philip Woodmore created music for one of Frederick Douglass' speeches which premiered at a temple in Staten Island.  Woodmore is excited to continue collaborating with Bryan Doerries and the Theater of War Company.

Antigone in Ferguson: What We Do


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First Flyer

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Project Overview

Early Program (draft)

Early Chorus Member bios

Antigone in Ferguson: Files
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